Looking Your Best with Proper Hair Brushing Methods

July 3, 2019

Looking Your Best with Proper Hair Brushing Methods

July 3, 2019

When you go to your hair salon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you notice that your stylist brushes your hair in a way that you simply can’t do at home. This situation is often frustrating for many people and may cause some to either go to their salon for regular brushing or to do a poor job at their hair care at home. Thankfully, you don’t have to fall victim to this type of behavior if you know how to brush your hair correctly.

The following tips are designed to ensure that your hair brushing process goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll probably notice many of these steps when you visit a salon near you. That’s because each step has been carefully researched and is proven to work with a variety of different hair types. So if you have the straightest straight hair imaginable or wild, curly locks, you can get great results.

Wait for Your Hair to Dry

Right after you get out of the shower, you probably want to brush your hair to look your most beautiful. This step is understandable but it is a big mistake that too many people make, but your hair salon won’t. Simply put, brushing your hair when it is wet may cause problems because you may pull out your hair and leave yourself looking a little less attractive.

The simplest way to dry your hair is with a thick towel that you wrap around your head. However, you can also air dry your hair if you have the time to wait. Air drying is the right choice if you don’t typically run into tangles or if you want to avoid static during the drying process. However, air drying will take more time and can be frustrating if you want to start brushing your hair.

What about hair dryers? These tools are a good choice if you make sure to hold them away from your head at a sufficient distance of at least two feet. Holding them closer to your head may apply excessive heat to your hair that may damage it. Try to keep the dryer set to a medium setting, as well, to ensure that you don’t suffer from other types of unnecessary heat damage.

Pull Out Tangles

While you wait for your hair to dry, pull apart any tangles or ties that may exist. These tangles typically occur while you sleep and can become hard to remove while your hair is dry. However, wet hair is thicker and more comfortable to maneuver in this situation. So carefully untangle your hair while it dries and let it dry flat before you start the brushing process.

The easiest way to straighten your hair is to use a wide-tooth comb. This type of comb will naturally break apart tangles and keep your hair smooth. Combing isn’t the same as brushing – combing is simply a way of eliminating these hair issues and preparing your head for later. Brushing your hair is where you will style it and create your look with flair and finesse.

However, if you have naturally curly hair that gets tangled easier than straight hair, you should use a wide-tooth comb while you’re in the shower to break apart your tangles. Trying to break apart any knotted curly hair after your bath is finished will be tough, even when your hair is wet. So take care of this issue right away to ensure it doesn’t become a more severe problem.

Don’t Be Afraid of Hairspray

Though you’ve mostly stayed away from hairspray over the years because you like a more natural style, you should probably consider this styling tool if you have a terrible tendency for static. Hairspray applied lightly over your hair will naturally break apart any static when you brush and will ensure that your hair doesn’t go wild during the brushing process.

However, you don’t need to go crazy with your spray as they did in John Waters’ infamous movie “Hairspray.” Instead, you should spritz one or two bursts of it on your hair and brush it thoroughly throughout your locks to ensure that you get the best results. Excessive hairspray use can make your hair brittle, though, so try to find a balance between too much and too little.

Try to find a brand that is designed specifically for your unique hair type. For example, some sprays are designed for curly hair and can straighten out some of your more extreme tangles. However, other sprays are for straight hair and will work less severely. Choosing the best type ensures that the brushing process doesn’t overly strain your hair. Your hair salon experts can help you find the product best suited to your style.

Proper Brushing Methods

When you start brushing your hair, you need to work from the root of the hair all the way to the end. Brushing in the opposite direction is hard, if not impossible, and will only cause difficulties with your strands. Take several strands up into the brush as you move slowly. Try to avoid forcing the brush at any time and simply let the strands move gently through the teeth of the brush.

Try to keep the brush at a gentle angle to your head to avoid adding any strain to the strands of your hair. Once you reach the end of your hair, let the strands gently fall from your brush away from you. Move to a new starting place along your hair and choose a similarly-sized section to brush. Use your fingers to smooth out your hair and to identify any problematic knots or tangles you may have missed.

As you move, make sure you go with the direction of your hair rather than against it. Trying to work against the natural flow of your hair will cause a variety of issues that can upset your style possibilities. For example, you may create a tangle of unpleasant hair on the top of your head that is difficult to reasonably style. Slow and steady wins the race here – 100 strokes may be excessive, but you should give your hair time to react to your brushing.

How Your Salon Can Help

As you can see, brushing your hair correctly isn’t as hard as it might seem. However, the many steps necessary for this act – including preparation, execution, and aftercare – may make it essential for you to talk to hair care specialists near you. These salon professionals can sit down with you and assess how you brush your hair and give you advice on how to do it properly if your method is found wanting.

So if you’re interested in a high-quality hair salon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you should reach out to our experts to get the best results. We will not only show you how to comb your hair, but can also provide you with a variety of products, such as hairsprays and brushes, that will get the best results from your brushing process.

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