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Finding the Best Traits in a New Stylist

Finding the best hair salons and stylists for your needs has been a real nightmare for you lately. You’ve worked hard trying to locate ones that not only cut your hair and style it the way that you like but that also staff people whom you can trust to do a great job with your hair.

As a result, you need to consider the following traits to look for in the best hair salons and stylists. These simple concepts are critical because they make it easier for you to know where you are going wrong in your quest and what you can do to change it.

Find A Good Listener with A Friendly Personality

During your appointment at the best hair salons, you need to find a beautician who is willing to listen to what you have to say and change her or his approach to meet your needs. For example, the stylist needs to know if you are unhappy with the direction that a style is taking and must be willing to listen to what you have to say about it calmly and reasonably.

However, a good hairstylist is also somebody who can become a friend if you connect with them well enough. They should be able to interact with what you say while keeping their attention on your hair. Just as importantly, they need to let you do most of the talking instead of trying to overpower you with chatter about whatever is on their mind.

For example, a good beautician shouldn’t be gabbing about workplace drama or gossiping about their coworkers while they are working with you. This topic is not only not very interesting to most people but is quite rude. After all, there’s a good chance that those coworkers are in the building. Conversation is fine, but cattiness should be avoided.

Find Someone Who Is Creative

The best hair salons and stylists have trademark design concepts that they utilize in a multitude of circumstances. Some might tweak those that they find from magazines or other style sources. Others may just be skilled enough to create their own unique looks. Try to find a stylist and a salon that inspires your creative urge to look beautiful.

For example, you should seek out a stylist who is capable of working in a specific idiom and the latest fashion. Ask them to show you pics of any hairstyles that they have created and other pictures that showcase the successful implementations of these ideas. Then, ask them how they tweak these concepts to make them their own if they even bother to do so.

A stylist who is mostly good at copying styles is not a truly creative artist. They might be able to give you a specific look quickly and efficiently but will do little to make it uniquely you. However, a beautician who is willing to take risks and creatively update a look is someone who is worth taking a chance on, as long as their unique ideas pay off with beauty styles.

Find Someone Who Is Honest

A great hairstylist is somebody who can look at your current style—or assess any idea that you want to implement – and be brutally honest about what they think. For example, a good stylist should be able to tell you that your idea won’t go well with your style and find one that does.

They don’t have to be cruel while telling you this, but they must be capable of being honest. A beautician who merely does what their clients want without letting them know that they look silly is not doing them any favors. In fact, they are likely to lose clients because of their timidity.

Find Someone Who Is Adaptable

A great beautician must be able to tweak their overall approach and their skills to meet the needs of their client. For example, they must be able to perform a variety of different techniques, including scissor cuts, razor shaves, foilings, colorings, nail work and much more in order to create a beautiful look that makes a woman stand out from her friends and family members.

Just as importantly, a beautician must be willing to change their approach if styles and trends start popping up. A beautician who masters old-fashioned looks is going to be quickly outclassed by those who have mastered more precise and up-to-date styles. Talk to your stylist about these looks to get a feel as to whether they possess the adaptability to perform them.

Find Someone Who Is Dexterous and Has Stamina

The best stylists at the best hair salons need to possess a lot of stamina to perform their daily duties. After all, most beauticians are going to be standing up all day and having to stoop over their clients for hours at a time. Therefore, they shouldn’t run out of energy or strength partway through the day, but have the stamina and strength to stand up and work for 8 to 10 hours every shift.

So, try to find a beautician who isn’t obviously out of shape or who doesn’t smoke heavily between haircuts. You also need to find somebody who possesses great skills and who can manipulate their scissors and cutting tools with ease. Gauging this element will be hard during an appointment, so you may need to sit and watch somebody with another client to see how well they handle their tools. If they are awkward or seem unable to do basic processes, find another beautician.

We Can Help

As you can see, the process of finding the best hair salons and stylists for your needs doesn’t have to be a fool’s errand. There are many different professionals on the market today who are skilled at not only providing great looks but at doing so in a friendly and compassionate way.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our high-quality services. Our staff is friendly, well-trained and capable of handling just about any creative style idea that you have in mind. Let us help you look beautiful and flawless for your next big event.

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