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Deal With Knotty Hair Before a Visit to a Hairstylist Near Me

Knotty hair is a problem that any hairstylist near me has had to deal with multiple times in their career. It can be particularly annoying to them because they have to unknot the hair before working on it, and this process adds precious minutes to their tight styling schedule.

As a result, anyone visiting a hairstylist near me soon should do what they can to help out by taking steps to manage their knotty hair. Thankfully, this process shouldn’t be too difficult to understand or execute for the average person, especially women with very long hair.

Understand Why Hair Gets Knotted

While the causes of knotty hair aren’t exactly rocket science, there are several influences that you can prepare for and prevent before your appointment. Just a few of these influences include the following actions, activities or issues:

Though these steps should help avoid knotty hair when you go to a hairstylist near me, there are still more steps that you can take to prevent this problem. The best of these steps is to wash your hair correctly and to ensure that all of the knots inside your hair are broken up.

Prepare With a Nice Wash

The best way to help a hairstylist near me deal with your knotty hair is to wash it just before your appointment. A good wash will help smooth out knots and make it easier to deal with when your stylist needs to cut or fashion your hair. Just as importantly, you need to brush your hair just before you wash it as a way of breaking the knots apart even more.

Start out with a pretty wide-toothed comb to break apart a majority of the larger knots. This process might sting a little, so be prepared for it. After you’ve given your hair a few passes with this comb, switch to a small-toothed comb. Now, you’re really going to be breaking apart some nasty knots. Go slow and be patient, or you might pull out some hair along the way.

However, you can’t approach this process without a careful plan. Combing your hair improperly could actually cause more knots by pulling your hair tightly and wrapping it around itself. Thankfully, there is a plan that you can follow to avoid this issue.

How to Comb Your Hair

The best approach for this process is to start at the bottom of your hair and to work your way up toward the top. However, don’t go all the way up to the top, but work in sections. Typically, you’re going to want to start out in small squares of hair space that are easy to measure out. Once you’ve gone over all your hair in this way, you can use a brush to break apart any other kinks or knots and give your hair a finer sheen.

Try to perform this activity at least an hour or two before you visit your hairstylist. Doing so gives you plenty of time to not only break apart the knots, but to wash your hair in a way that makes it more suitable for your appointment. The following washing tips can help you meet this demand in a way that should please your stylist.

Washing Your Hair Properly

Once you have finished combing your hair correctly, you can wash your hair without using any shampoo. While shampoo shouldn’t kink up your hair in most circumstances, it might leave a residue on your strands that can be frustrating for the stylist to work with during your appointments. Therefore, you should just wash your hair with warm-to-hot water to not only clean your strands, but to open your skin pores a little wider.

Opening up your skin pores is a wise choice because it can make your hair more even to cut. It also opens up your skin and makes it breathe a little easier, which can bring more blood to your face. As a result, your stylist should have an easier time cutting your hair without running into any issues.

Prevent Kinks After Your Appointment

After you get your hair styled or cut, you need to take steps to prevent kinks before your next appointment. Prevention methods include ideas already mentioned—such as avoiding wearing hats – but you can also take other steps to keep your hair as kink-free as possible.

For example, you should always wear your hair up when going outside in rainy, excessively hot or windy days. Doing so helps keep it from blowing wildly out of control and keeps kinks from developing. These steps are typically quite easy to perform without excessive work.

Ask for Anti-Knotting Creams

After your appointment with the hairstylist near me, you should ask her if she has any creams that can prevent knots. These creams often work to moisturize the hair and make it less prone to knots. Most salons should have creams of this type available at reasonable prices.

Try to apply this cream before and after your appointments to ensure that your hair is as smooth and free of knots as possible. Only add a few drops, though, as too much may make your hair a little greasy and hard to work.

Get Your Hair Done Right

So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how you can keep your hair free of knots before a hair appointment. We will appreciate your taking this step, especially if you plan to visit us any time in the near future for your hairstyle needs.

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