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Match Your Hairstyle to Your Dress

A high-quality wedding ceremony should be focused as much on the bride as possible. Though the groom does matter in this situation, the bride is the one who really creates the mood and ambiance for the ceremony. Therefore, you need to make sure that your wedding hairstyles match the look and feel of your wedding dress.

After all, the wedding dress is the center point of the bride’s “reveal”—when a bride emerges during a ceremony, the congregation should gasp at her dress and her gorgeous hair. Thankfully, the following tips will make it easier to create the look that you desire and deserve.

Color and Fashion

Though white dresses are the typical standard for weddings, a broad range of high-quality shade options is now available. Many women now enjoy wearing brown or yellow dresses while some go truly wild and get red. As a result, you need to seriously consider the color of the dress you plan to wear before getting any type of hairstyle done.

For example, you may be a blonde whose features will be washed out by a very bright white dress. As a result, highlights might be a good idea. Darkening your hair a little in this way will create an excellent contrast between your hair and your dress without causing too big of a clash. Beyond that, you also need to take into account the overall fashion of the dress.

A more formal wedding dress should be matched with a more formal hairstyle, such as a bun or updos. The formality of the event—which can vary from somewhat casual to very serious—should also influence your hairstyle. You may not want to wear a wild and punky style if you are getting married in a church. The clash would be too big and a huge faux pas.

However, women who are getting married in a more casual or modern way—such as wearing a sculpted dress or pantsuit—may be able to get wedding hairstyles that are less formal. There are many considerations here, so you need to really do your homework as to the kind of ceremony you want and where it is being held, and make sure to match your hair to it.

Hair Shine

The shine of your hair is going to be very important to consider on your wedding day. Shiny hair will really catch the eye of those at the ceremony and will pop off a photo more easily. However, you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it and cause your hair to be too shiny. Typically, there are a few steps you can take to meet this need.

For example, straight hair naturally has an extra gloss to it that might make straightening your curls a good idea. However, static may cause some problems with your shine that causes issues with your dress. For example, your hair might suddenly start going vertical during the ceremony and make your hairstyle and dress look ridiculous.

Try to get static out of your hair before the ceremony by either touching metal objects—this transfers electricity from your body to the object—or rubbing anti-static sheets softly on your hair. For example, many brides apply anti-static spray to their hair to keep it from going airborne or causing complications with their dress.

The Headpiece

Finally, you really need to make sure that your headpiece suits your overall appearance, which includes matching it with your dress and hairstyle. As always, you should consider the dress first and then adjust everything else to meet it. For example, you can choose a veil, flower crown, comb or tiara to match the look of your dress and your hair.

The quality and texture of your hair should also be matched with the hairpiece to avoid any ugly contrasts. For example, fine hair typically needs smaller and more delicate pieces—such as a few flowers—rather than large or bulky combs. The color of the hairpiece must also be matched with your hair and the dress to ensure that things look perfect.

Do a practice run on your hairstyle and then put on your wedding dress to give yourself the best feel as to how you’ll look on your wedding day. This session should be done at least a week or two in advance of the wedding. Now, try varying headpieces to get a feel for the one that is right for you. Always have a few extra options in mind before choosing one that you think works for you.

The Hairstyle Itself

When there are any issues with your hair and dress design, you need to change the hair and not the dress. After all, you’re spending a lot more money on your dress than you are on your hair. And adjusting a dress costs more than tweaking the look of your hair.

For example, you may need to pull your hair back out of your face to bring more attention to the dress. Just as importantly, you may need to change the color of your hair to match the dress. These steps can help to create a total package that is gorgeous and unforgettable.

Prepare In Advance

If you plan on getting married soon and want to make sure that you look as beautiful as possible, make sure that you plan everything well in advance to ensure the process runs smoothly. Trying to get everything together at the last minute is a huge mistake.

So, please contact us to set up an appointment for your hairstyle choices. We’ll work with you to find wedding hairstyles that meet your needs and those of your bridesmaids. Just as importantly, we’ll match your style to your dress and not the other way around.

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